About Us

JanMark Enterprises was developed to bring unprecedented efficiency and support to all functionalities of the back-office operations. Overwhelming cost pressures have affected the healthcare industry globally as well as in the US which is a matter of deep concern for all of us. However, as a JanMark Enterprises client, you will appreciate our cost savings and effective operations improvements, all achieved through our international restructuring model.

  • JanMark Enterprises has built a worldwide workforce that allows us to attract dedicated and well-educated staff at competitive and fair prices. Due to the mounting shortages of qualified workers in the US (e.g. 17% vacancy rate for certified medical coders), we offer relief to a market whose costs are spiraling ever higher. We strive to alleviate clients of the overhead costs of recruiting and training in an ever-changing environment.
  • We serve our clients with the understanding that the requirements of every client is unique in the market. We pursue relentless process innovation relentlessly and with an unwavering commitment to serve better, faster and all the while being cost efficient
  • Our in-house software development team utilizes the most leading application tools to assist with process transformation to include coder training, coder assessment, coding compliance, remittance processing and denials always with a human over-view in dynamic and changing process environment.
  • We provide round the clock operations, local account management, exceptional customer service, US-based data centers and offshore efficiency.
  • We thrive on tailoring our services to each client with unique needs that guarantees each client’s outcome to succeed with exceptional results.
  • JanMark Enterprises specializes in recruiting the most talented and high-caliber individuals from a variety of professions. Nevertheless, due to the continuously changing world of compliance policies and coding procedures, we take pride in providing an on-going educational training to our staff and clients. As a result, we have a staff of skilled, experienced and certified medical coders & revenue cycle healthcare professionals who consistently deliver the best possible results.
  • Our success has been driven by the unique ability and collaboration with each individual client by developing a professional relationship and functional processes suited to each client’s particular needs.
  • JanMark Enterprises is prepared to work in your environment- whether ambulatory, hospital-based, emergency, nursing home, surgery center or any other ancillary setting.